PCA Sponsors and Partners

PCA Sponsors and Partners



PCA loves our partners and sponsors who have recognized the incredible opportunity to reach the largest esports/Entertainment group in the world.  An incredible  700+ million active chess players that have never been tainted by marketing or branding. PCA is the newest and potentially the largest esports/Entertainment organization in the sector, which is the fastest growing area in the sports and gaming field. It is not unusual now to see sold out stadiums watching esports/Entertainment events, and PCA has some of the best about to be launched. Together, with our PCA PRO PLAYERS, our sponsors and partners, we will empower and provide chess players from all over the world the opportunity to become business partners with PCA, and of course our sponsors as they provide us with product. This is a fantastic business partnership between PCA PRO PLAYERS, PCA and our SPONSORS which should result the largest salesforce in the world. Think of all the product that could be sold if we had five million PCA members selling our PCA products. We are now starting to attract our first sponsors, and with dozens more contacting us on an almost daily basis, we hope to be filling this page as more and more sponsors recognize the fantastic opportunity to market to 700+ million chess players. In return for the sponsors great support of the PCA, we encourage all chess players to use these companies products and services. Every single one of our sponsors is a great company! They all have excellent products and/or  services, and pretty much all of them give back to their communities. They are very worthy of our support in return. Come on companies, help PCA fill this page! Become a sponsor or a partner with PCA! We have great affiliate marketing programs, cross promotion opportunities, television advertising (for pennies on the dollar as we own it) world wide digital platforms to get your message out. We can tailor programs for you to suit any budget, and deliver much more to you for your advertising and PR budgets that our competitors can. Join us as we launch PCA to this incredible group of 700 + MILLION active chess players.  If you feel you have a product or a service that would be of interest to this massive marketplace, then contact us ASAP at info@PCAchess.com We would love to hear from you.

We are proud to announce our chess expert organization.

  We are pleased to have Chess.com as a working partner with PCA. Chess.com is without a doubt the #1 chess site on the Internet.  The people that operate this magnificent website are a passionate team of chess players that understand what PCA is attempting to do. Chess.com has years of technical chess experience and you must go to their website. Its great for beginner players, all the way up to Grand Master and world Championship players. Over 2.5 million games of chess are played daily on this site. Chess.com is also partnered or working with Twitch.com in promoting chess events. The ratings for the Chess.com and Twitch.com events are superb and becoming more and more popular. Twitch is the 4th busiest gaming and entertainment site on the Internet and we encourage all interested parties to follow these special chess events organized by Chess.com. Visit their site often to find all the current breaking news in the chess world.  We are pleased to announce that Chess.com and PCA have signed an Agreement that will see Chess.com assisting us with the organization and oversight of our PCA tournaments. Chess.com brings years of knowledge, expertise, technical and organizational skills to the table. Chess.com has over 22 MILLION members and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Check it out Now! If you feel like a game of chess right now, or checking out all the latest Chess news, then click right here. chess.com


Andy Walmsley is an Emmy Award winning stage designer who is working very closely with PCA to design a stunning set for our “CHESS WARS” television show. Andy is recognized for his work all over the world and is responsible for the iconic stages of some of the world’s most popular television shows. “AMERICAN IDOL”, “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE”, “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE,” and hundreds more. His “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE” set design was also featured in the Academy Award winning picture “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE” which was nominated for 10 Academy Awards. His set designs are seen in over 130 countries and we are delighted that Andy is working with us on our “CHESS WARS” television show. PCA looks forward to what we know will be a fantastic stage set for “CHESS WARS” and remember that the AUDITIONS are now open for  the “CHESS WARS” television show!. Grab your 15 minutes of FAME and you could walk away with over $1,000,000 USD in CASH and other valuable prizes! To Apply  for an AUDITION just go to the “CHESS WARS” tab. Check out Andy’s set designs for television and theatre here:





PCA is proud to have a production partner and sponsor with the iLink Media Group. With decades of experience in LIVE Television, Live Production, Broadcasting, and Webcasting, the principals of iLinkMedia Group have pretty much done it all! Including, but not limited to, events such as: Olympics, NHL Hockey, NBA Basketball, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, CFL Football, Professional Rodeo, BPR Bull Riding, Concerts, National Award Shows and Election coverage, and numerous network television shows. The strength of the iLink team lies in their ability to produce professional, high quality productions over an infinite range of genres. The “CHESS WARS” network shows for PCA is a major undertaking but promises to be one of the most exciting and fun projects the iLink Media Group  team has ever undertaken. If you are in a country where Cowboy Rodeo has never been seen, we thought you might like to see first a picture of the overall event and then a clip of some of iLink’s actual highlights from the Canadian Rodeo Championships. Please note the crowd! When we have our “CHESS WARS” tournament’s we want to see a crowd like this. There will be $40,000,000 USD up for grabs and another $5,000,000 for audience members to win!






We also welcome Whistler Water, our “OFFICIAL”, award winning, premium water supplier as a sponsor and partner. This Canadian company has one of the most beautiful tasting, pristine, Glacier water sources on the planet. Whistler Water is sold all over the world. Wherever you are in the world make sure that you order Whistler Water. We are proud to be working with Whistler Water and when you join the PCA and enter the PCA tournaments or various events, Whistler Water will be there! “Whistler Glacier Spring Water is from the ancient glaciers located high in the alpine peaks of the Coast Mountains just north of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It travels through layers of granite rock before it is collected from a protected underground aquifer. This natural process creates Whistler Water’s perfectly balanced mineral composition. Contained in 100% recyclable BPA-free packaging, the water in the bottle is as pure and pristine as the water in the glacier. Whistler Water has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium bottled glacial spring water for over 25 years.”

Whistler Water from Whistler Water on Vimeo.


Whistler Water Is a Proud Partner of PCA

Whistler Water is now available to purchase in the USA on amazon.com

Whistler Water is now available to purchase in Canada on amazon.ca


NUGGET is pleased to support PCA Professional Chess Association. NUGGET is a new BLOCKCHAIN development designed to provide security for the 700 MILLION active chess players that may join PCA. The “NUGGET” crypto currency (Pictured Below) will be offered for sale as a unique ICO later this year, is currently seeking the right marketing team.  Pre-orders for the coin are currently being taken. This unique ICO is backed by the shares of a USA Public Company and is specifically used as a coin that funds entertainment projects. A certain number of the NUGGETS can be found in various locations around the world and serve as an entertaining ‘Treasure Hunt”. Some of the coins are worth $25.00 USD and go up in value to $10,000,000. Those interested in crypto currencies have to use all their detective skills to find the ‘buried treasure’ which can be cashed in to any currency of their choosing. The NUGGET is fun, exciting and very valuable. More news on this soon. The first CLUES to find the TREASURE will be posted RIGHT HERE so check back often! Anyone interested in this project should contact info@pcachess.com


CJZ is a proud sponsor of PCA.

CJZ is a new breed of international businessman, a global entrepreneur. While he specializes in being an “ANGEL” investor, he loves any kind of deal. Whether its developing, selling or buying commercial real estate, he is always interested in the next deal, whatever it may be. Oh yes! He loves playing chess and he loves PCA! If you are another entrepreneur looking to have someone who can make your deal happen, then you need to contact CJZ at info@cjz.ca


Interactive Promotions Group is a proud working partner of PCA

“Interactive Promotions Group specializes in prize indemnity insurance for contests, games and online promotions. They are an industry-leading provider of promotional risk coverage and technology solutions. Interactive Promotions has satisfied the marketing needs of thousands of events and advertising campaigns through their complete lineup of products and services. Their clients represent a wide range of industries and they offer each trade a variety of promotions in order to meet the needs of clients events and campaigns. Each promotion is aimed at maximizing a company’s brand exposure while simultaneously providing value-adding solutions that produce a stronger and more profitable relationship between the company and their consumers. Interactive  Promotions give sponsors the opportunity to bring experiential creativity to their event or marketing campaign at an affordable price.” Here is a sample video of a smaller contest winner from Interactive Promotions that shows a client sinking a 30′ golf putt for $1,000 USD!     






With over a dozen state of the art clothing factories located in various parts of the world, we are very excited to be working with Alpine Creations and their subsidiary UFL. They will be developing a complete line of PCA clothing for men and women that will be marketed around the world. Look for our clothing in major retail outlets in the near future. However, the PCA line of clothing will also be provided to all PCA PRO PLAYER members at wholesale prices for their own use, or for reselling and making income as a PCA PRO PLAYER. Please take the time to look at these great videos that show the dedication of Alpine Creations to excellence in creating their products and designs. The videos show just a couple of the state of the art factories that are fully compliant with international standards of manufacturing. PCA is proud to welcome them as we work together to create the PCA fashion line! UFL is also working with PCA in developing the television designer competition suits for the “CHESS WARS” television show that are absolutely stunning! We have also included a corporate video for UFL which shows the great use of colors and designs for active wear. In the near future look for PCA chess wear to be featured in their video.

Alpine Creations is a Global company with a staff of 10,000 plus dedicated people. PCA is pleased to welcome them as our “official” PCA clothing designers, manufacturers and distributors.

Alpine has long term relationship with many of the major brands including the following: Under Armour, Walmart, George, Danskin, FILA, American Eagle, Everlast, Dick’s, Hanes, and many more. With several state of the art factories, all compliant with the highest standards of ethical production located around the world. PCA is excited to see the design and development of the exclusive PCA line of Chess clothing to be sold world wide through Alpine’s in-house UFL Brand. We believe that as PCA brand brings Chess to the frontline of sporting and gaming opportunities, we will be uniting and creating future legends of the game. The scope and scale of UFL and PCA brands is unparalleled with a market of 700+ million active chess players. PCA is proud to have Alpine and UFL as a partner in moving forward on this exciting journey. Check out UFL at unitingfuturelegends.com