Professional Chess Association Investment Opportunity.

We have all probably wished that we could have bought some Microsoft shares, or Google or Apple when they were just starting out. These opportunities do not come along often. But please consider this project. 700+MILLION people, all active chess players, are one of the largest groups in the world who all play the oldest and most popular game, year after year.

For almost 2,000 years chess has remained in the shadows of other sports. Chess has never been tainted by branding or by worldwide marketing yet it is surging in popularity and is actually being mandated by governments around the world that chess be part of the curriculum for young students.

Enter PCA: The Professional Chess Association.

The PCA ( is an esports/Entertainment organization specifically designed to empower the 700+ million active chess players around the world. PCA wants chess players to enjoy the same levels of professional earnings abilities that other professional sports and games enjoy.

The esports/Entertainment sector is the fastest growing segment of the sports business with stadiums now filled to capacity.

PCA is the newest and most exciting professional sports/Entertainment organization in the world. It is also potentially the largest sports organization of any kind that has an active user base of 700+MILLION  chess players. This number is larger than the totals of all professional sports players in ANY sport COMBINED!

The future is very bright for chess as the 54 countries of the ECU in a recent study are recommending that chess be seriously considered as a compulsory study in their respective  national school systems.

ALBANIA was the first country to MANDATE that all primary school children must learn chess. This has resulted in stunning results which is attracting the attention of dozens of other countries who now wish to do the same.

SPAIN has recently introduced chess into their national school system. AUSTRALIA is hard on their heels.

CHESS IS A GOVERNMENT BACKED GAME! This is stunning! No other game or sport has ever been MANDATED BY GOVERNMENTS!

For the first time in the 2,000 year history of chess, the  PCA has now made Chess a ‘professional sport’ with the same monetary rewards of other sports.

Chess has always been a sport that has been kept in the shadows of other sports, but with what PCA is doing, bringing chess out of the shadows into mainstream consciousness, kids can now dream of making a career at playing chess, just as young soccer players or basketball players dream of becoming rich and famous in their particular sports of choice.

In order to accomplish the acceptance of chess as a major professional sport, open to any skill level, the PCA will be bringing CHESS into the mainstream media by producing daily network television shows that will be aired everyday of the year and broadcast around the world.

Distribution will be on both traditional terrestrial broadcast systems, mobile devices including lap tops, telephones and digital systems everywhere. In addition, the show will provide in-flight entertainment to approximately 65% of all air traffic.

PCA will also be organizing “CHESS WARS” tournaments and events with major prize money. We anticipate that over the next two years or so, PCA will build to holding a tournament every month at various locations around the world.

We are already dealing with governments, hotel associations and tourism departments in the following locations DUBAI, LAS VEGAS, THE BAHAMAS, MUMBAI, and BEIJING. There will be many more locations to follow.

We are now being approached by other locations who are now vying to have our tournaments held in their location.

The crowning event will be the  INTERNATIONAL “SUPER CHESS WARS” tournament with an  astounding pay out to the winner of  a staggering $25,000,000 USD CASH PRIZE!  The PCA will be organizing the richest payouts in ANY sports history. These opportunities will be made available to all levels of chess players who register as PCA PRO PLAYERS. Players from the age of 12 years of age and up can register. (Parental permission required.)

We are currently working with entrepreneurs in India and planning a massive outdoor “CHESS WARS” tournament in the largest cricket stadium in India. (180,000 seats) There are 125+ MILLION active chess players in India! Keep coming back to this page to find out new information as it happens.

PCA will be partnering with entrepreneurs, businesses, sponsors, advertisers telephone companies and governments around the world to undertake the management and growth of PCA in every country where chess is played. (Which is most of the world!) These entrepreneurs will have international territorial master licenses to organize the “CHESS WARS” tournaments and organize other events sanctioned by PCA.

The PCA Professional Chess Association Ltd.,  is a private corporation that intends to go public very soon.

If after reading this material you want to acquire any of the PCA private placement shares available in the First Round Series “A” “Seed Stock” private placement, before the company goes public, then please contact the company to discuss at 

Any investor may enquire about the investment opportunities available while the company is still private, (shares are at an extremely attractive pre-public price). All shares are issued on a first come first served basis.

We also welcome enquiries regarding the international opportunities that are available in this incredible untouched market of 700+ million people who love chess. All enquiries should be sent to:

For updates, please check back here often as we expect more announcements to be made very shortly.

Once we have FINRA assign our new TICKER SYMBOL for the public company we will provide a link through that will enable you to instantly track your investment in the public company.