Chess Hall of Fame

Chess Hall of Fame






The Professional Chess Association has formed its own PCA “HALL OF FAME” and over the next number of years will be looking for inductees to be the first admitted into the ranks of the PCA HALL OF FAME.

We have taken a radical new approach to who we are looking for. We are not so much concerned about a person’s ranking in the game of chess, what we are looking for is anyone who makes a significant contribution to the PCA game within or outside the PCA organization.

We also look for the highest earners in the PCA organization because they prove that the PCA works and that chess players can earn the same as players do in other sports.

PCA is the only organization that also recognizes it’s sponsors. Sponsors are a critical element of any sport or player’s career and for the most part they go unrecognized. Well that changes now with PCA. We love our sponsors and why shouldn’t they be rewarded for their contributions to PCA. For sponsors this is an opportunity to be recognized for their contributions but also to have national and international press and television coverage of their business. They will also be immortalized in the PCA HALL OF FAME!

We are also recognizing entrepreneurs in the PCA organization from around the world who build the PCA brand and bring it to where it should be.

We also look outside the PCA chess community. We will look at the creative community, film makers, teachers, people who through their work provide significant contributions to bring chess into the public consciousness. During the course of this current 2018 year we will be looking at suggestions from all of our members for possible inductees. This first presentation and inductees of the PCA HALL OF FAME will occur at an event in Las Vegas in 2019.

All those chosen inductees will receive a check for $100,000 USD and a “HALL OF FAME” trophy to take home.

If you have any suggestions or would like to nominate a potential candidate for the PCA HALL OF FAME then please send the suggestion to: